• Curated with love & intention, this crystal grid was put together to bring clarity into all aspects of your spiritual journey. Amplifies transformative energy with a little luck and intuition.  


    Black Obsidian: deep soul healing; good for shadow work, grounding & protection

    Citrine: abundance & manifestation; attracts wealth & prosperity

    Aventurine: stone of prosperity; lucky & beneficial in manifesting wealth

    Apatite: personal power; brings clarity & stimulates intellect

    Clear Quartz: amplifies the energy & intent put into it


    ALL wood slices are sourced directly from Louisiana, hand-cut by me and my grandfather & include a sawtooth bracket attached to the back for hanging. Each piece is on a totally unique wood slide, no two pieces are the same. 

    Pixie Crystal Grid

    $40.00 Regular Price
    $20.00Sale Price