• Wow, I am so honored that you’re considering purchasing a digital commission from me! Lets get into the details: ALL digital commissions start at $75 regardless of how simple you want to get and this price is firm. After purchasing a digital commission you will receive an email from me where we will discuss the design. See the photos attached for examples of previous digital commissions I’ve done. 

    This purchase comes with the following:
    * Two edit reviews after I send the initial first draft
    * A JPG & PNG version of your piece  

    Purchasing a digital commission here DOES NOT include merchandising rights. This means you can not reproduce my artwork onto any form of physical merchandise for selling. If you would like to use my art for merchandise, please email me directly at swampsprouts@gmail.com to work out a royalty rate. 

    NOTE: If you are purchasing a commission for a tattoo, you do not need to buy a tattoo ticket.

    Please feel to email me with questions prior to purchasing! 

    Digital Comission