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Best of 2017: Music Releases

Now that the fall semester has come to a close, I finally have time to start my personal blog and I figured there was no better way to do that than to talk about some of my favorite music releases of 2017.

I encourage you to proceed with caution and an open mind because the music you're about to be exposed to has the power to invoke euphoric feelings of bliss, excitement and happiness.

It's extremely difficult to put music into words, but bear with me. In no particular order, lets get started.


Rainbows & Waterfalls - Pretty Lights

This funky, dance-invoking single was released back in October when the mysterious spooky vibes were surrounding us. In my opinion, when jamming to this tune, I feel like I'm exploring a new planet... take a listen and you'll understand.

Flower Boy - Tyler, The Creator

In July, Tyler's music style bloomed into a redefined and upgraded version of its past. "Flower Boy" changed things up a bit with a sense of seriousness and melancholy in addition to some amazing features including Frank Ocean, Kali Uchis, A$AP Rocky, Lil Wayne, Jaden Smith, Rex Orange County, I could go on and on. Of course, in my opinion, every album sounds best when listened to in order... So, go do that now if you haven't!

Baralku - Emanicpator

I've been listening to Emancipator for years and years and yet he still brings something new to the table with each album. Most of his music is instrumental, so it's complicated to explain the music itself, I can only equate it to certain feelings. That being said, go dive in to the instrumental euphoria that is Emancipator's music.

SYRE - Jaden Smith

First of all, the "intro" (if you can call it that) to this album, the first four songs, are a work of art. B, L, U, and E flow into each other so seamlessly it creates a mix tape sound, which is one of my personal favorite touches. If you're not familiar with Jaden Smith's earlier music, you should check it out, Soundcloud is the best source for that ;) Again... you have to listen to this album in order to hear its full potential.

Little Dark Age - MGMT

Ok.. um... hmm... well... THIS SONG. It was released in October and it was my dedicated Halloween jam song. Its fantastic, it has a spooky 80's funky feel ("80's", "spooky" and "funky" are probably my three favorite words if you coudn't tell) and everyone can jam to it. I can't say much else, I mean, just go listen to it. Also, might I add, MGMT will be at BUKU Festival this year and I'm gonna lose my mind.

Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 1 - Lil Peep

There is a lot to say here, but I will keep it short and simple. Lil Peep really made moves this year with his music and he will be greatly missed by so so so many, including myself. I do not support addict shaming and before you reprimand someone's death, I would recommend educating yourself and using your voice for productive purposes only. Let's get into the album now: Lil Peep has such a unique punk-rap style, he's essentially brought more popularity to a relatively new hybrid genre. This album is a dark, punk work of art. If you can't get enough after listening to this album, I highly recommend taking a listen to "HELLBOY" over on Lil Peep's Soundcloud.

Mass Manipulation - Rezz

Ok, to completely change things up, lets talk Mass Manipulation. "Relax" really sets the theme for the album, its tricky but perfect. If you've never listened to Rezz before, hold on to your earbuds my friends, you're going on a wild alien/space/robot ride... so... just... relax... Rezz turns a slow BPM into such a wild ride, which for someone who has no knowledge about making EDM tunes, its hard to understand how that's even possible. Even if you find Rezz tunes aren't exactly a perfect fit for you to jam to in the car, don't knock it till you experience her live set, perhaps at BUKU Festival in March??? ;)

Too Real - Giraffage

While we're on the topic of EDM, this album is way more relaxed (than Rezz at least). Giraffage blessed our ears this year with a very 80's melodic album, which completely upped his game. Of course, "Feels" will always be one of my favorites, but wow "Too Real" just shows how much this man has blossomed over the years. For all of you who like to get deep into the bass, "Earth" will be your jam. It's tucked in the middle of the album, the surprise hidden between some cute lil beeps and boops at the beginning of the song, but regardless, it BLEW MY MIND. On an end note, "19 Hours". Thats it my dudes. That's all I can say.