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An Attempt To Put 7, Beach House's New Album, Into Words

Photo belongs to Beach House

If you're a celestial dreamer, you know Beach House just released their interstellar new album 7, along with a visual album stream, on May 11th. I know, maybe you've read a million album reviews by now and if you haven't, welcome to the world of opinions. Seriously, if you take one thing from this post, listen to 7 over and over again until you've decided you like the album too much for your own good.

Prior to the release of the album, Beach House went on tour (which I will talk about at the end hehehe) and released a few singles: Lemon Glow, Dive, Dark Spring and Black Car. Upon talking to other fans about the singles, I found that most believed Beach House was evolving into a more 80s-style rock, but I absolutely disagree. Unlike most bands, with each album, Beach House fine tunes their brand and sound to curate their style that much more. This album is everything Beach House and more and I believe whole-heartedly that it will remain that way for each album. With emotional and beachy building blocks, Beach House keeps building...

Everyone has their favorite album when it comes to Beach House, but you can't deny that 7 is their most unique and eclectic one so far. Even Devotion and

B-Sides And Rarities don't compare in composure. Now, don't misunderstand me, while 7 is very different and refreshing, Bloom will always be a favorite album in my somber eyes. Each album has that special meaning, sound, song, realization and mysticism to someone, but what I'm trying to say, is that 7 is incomparable in composure, darkness, dreaminess and lyrics.

If I went through each song on the album as thoroughly as I wanted to, this short blog post would turn into a book. I just have a lot to say, so lets start with the opening song of the album, Dark Spring. The drum work in the beginning opens up the album with excitement.

The excitement continues on with Lemon Glow, another single and another one that really gets me. There's just something about the way Victoria sings that is so dark and slow; it gives me chills like no other artist does.To top it off, the drum solo toward the end of the song is just a killer, you must listen.

Prepare yourselves mentally and spiritually because this is where 7 gets even more dark and dreamy; you can feel what Victoria is saying in the depths of your own heart. Drunk In LA is the one that really did me in when it comes to awe and astonishment. Experiencing it live prior to the album release probably had some hidden affect on my emotions as well, but THE LYRICS are just beautiful. Wistful and absent-minded, these are some of my favorite lines:

"Strawberries in springtime Pretty happy accidents My awareness that I'm lucky Rolling clouds over cement"

I've never done a full album review, so take it easy on me, but lets carry on. If you haven't cried yet, you're about to... Lose Your Smile takes Beach Goth, gives it an 80s twist, but still treasures the slow and melancholy Beach House way.

Last Ride is another one that makes the tears fall, the piano in the beginning sets the stage for the song's somber vibe made up of layers of beats gradually intensifying on top of the piano; it's cosmic.

Photo belongs to Beach House

I feel like talking about anything related to Beach House is just a repeat of everything we already know, but I just can't say this enough: Victoria's voice and lyrical composure along with the simple but powerful keyboard, guitar and drums is what makes Beach House who they are. 7 is a magnificent display of the inimitable talent each band member holds. Each and every album they release is a sample of themselves combined with a new but familiar sound; 7 is the next cosmic, devotional level of Beach House that we all are so lucky to experience.


As if anticipating 7 wasn't enough excitement and intensity in my life, Beach House released a huge international tour in celebration of the new album. I had no idea they were making a stop at Civic Theatre, right here in New Orleans, until a couple of days before the show on May 1st.

Ahahaha, of course the show fell right in the midst of finals week. This thrilling phenomena has never stopped me before, so why would I hold back now? ESPECIALLY FOR BEACH HOUSE.

I snagged the ticket in a heartbeat; it was the best $36 I've ever spent. Every second in that theatre was pure bliss, I was in a constant state of existential questioning in the best way possible. The voices and sounds of angels washed over me and everything in those moments was perfect and pleasing.

I had my eyes closed majority of the time to soak in the moments of mysticism, but for the times I kept my eyes wide open, I got to witness the pure devotion of the band and the gentle giving of energy to each and every one of us. Every second of the show was something it seemed I've waited my whole life for. Call me a crazy fan, but Beach house live is something out of this world...


Disclaimer: The photos in the album review segment are not mine and I am not claiming that they are. All opinions are my own and the photos in the concert segment were taken by me.