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M U S I C M A D N E S S: September

Woahhhh it has been quite a while since I've posted. This past summer was epic and packed with music, but that is for another post another time.

Amidst my insanely busy college life, I have found it super difficult to stay consistent with my passion of writing and music, BUT I have finally figured out a way to easily blend the two that is beneficial to my well-being and time. I present to you…

Students jumping with their hands in the air at the LSU event, Groovin'.

Music Madness will be a monthly blog post that explores my current-time favorite artists, songs and newest releases. There is absolutely no order to this madness; hence the name. My goal is to educate you all about passionate artists and the amazing music they create. I am sure, over time, I will find better ways to format these posts, but for now we're just gonna wing it. Not sure if its my ego or my intuition that is urging me to do this, but regardless, here I am and here you are.

P.S. I made a Spotify playlist of all of the songs I'm going to talk about! You can listen to it here while you read. You're welcome.


◎ WEIGHT from BROCKHAMPTON's beautiful new album Iridescence

RT if you cry every time... THIS SONG. THE ALBUM. If you haven't heard of this group yet, what rock have you been living under? Well, you better move. BROCKHAMPTON have been one of the most impactful artists I've come across in the past few years. They have a style completely unique to them and even though they claim to be going in a different direction in Iridescence, their own sound is still very much in there. This album is full of anger, sadness, discontent and love; you can literally feel the pressure just by listening. If music doesn't make me feel something, I don't want it.

Pls read up on them, I recommend starting here. Billboard also does well explaining the situation of sexual misconduct allegations against Ameer Vann, now ex-group member of BROCKHAMPTON. Read this for more insight.

◎ Nicotine Patches from $uicideboy$' iconic album


Ok, here we go. I LOVE THIS ALBUM, as a whole, the production, the meaning and lyrics. If you didn't know already, the duo Ruby da Cherry and $crim are from the dirty, nasty, but beautiful city of New Orleans, the shinning gem of the album. I WANT TO DIE IN NEW ORLEANS is an album like no other in its lyrical expression, production, transitions and mixtape-sound. It is dark and ghastly, but full of real life and meaning. ULTIMATELY, it address the reality of living with drug abuse, depression and overdose; which very few artists bring up and more NEED to. This album is very important to the music scene today just for that reason alone.

Get familiar with the bois history and new album here.

"Carrollton" Official Meaning & Lyrics

◎ Grimes' album Visions

I know I know, this album is SO old. I didn't just discover it, but I did just rediscover it in a new light. I wanted to focus on the whole album instead of just one song because this month I've really grown to appreciate all that Grimes embodies. She does her own everything; production, artwork, branding, etc. etc. We need to bring to light the hard work women are doing in this music industry, not just because they are women, but because they are making moves and CHANGING IT. I said it.

Even though I am absolutely obsessed with Art Angels, Visions is my favorite album from Grimes. It is just angelic, magical, deep and romantically dark. If you desperately needed to know, my favorite song on the album is Be A Body cause THAT BREAKDOWN.

Feel your brain swell, in the best way possible, while you watch these interviews and live performances.

Grimes x The Interview

Studio Interview

Genesis live

Crystal Ball Live

◎ Rave With Me from The Wise and The Wicked by


THANK YOU JAUZ for giving me those techno vibez with this one and Ducky is the absolute cherry on top. The album tells a story that is so theatrical and intense and no other electronic artist has accomplished that in my eyes. I can't get over the house/dance/techno theme going on here, maybe I'm just old, but it makes me miss Castles In The Sky and Sandstorm.

The links below will lead you on an informational journey, so go get to it!

Get deeper into The Wise and The Wicked

Sidewalk Talk with Ducky

P.S. Jauz is coming to Republic NOLA this month AND Ducky is gonna be at Hell's Gala this year... Jump on that ish

◎ Evasion by CloZee

If you didn't know already, CloZee is one of my absolute favorite artists EVER. She bridges the gap between spiritual and electric. Her sound is most often referred to as "world bass" for good reason; she finds inspiration in the sounds and instruments of the world. I've seen her live twice and it is a truly euphoric experience. I HIGHLY recommend setting aside some time to enjoy one or both of her sets at Voodoo Fest this month. This single has me floating and I'm just waiting with anticipation for her next album to be released on October 5th.

You absolutely must listen to the whole song through and through or you'll risk missing the best parts.

If you wanna learn more about CloZee... here.

◎ Miracle - Mija Remix + Just Enough - Mija

I wouldn't be writing this section of the post if I hadn't seen Mija at BUKU Festival in 2015; I've been following Mija ever since and she has grown SO MUCH. She is a completely self-made artist, writer, designer and producer, WOW. Her album HOW TO MEASURE THE DISTANCE BETWEEN LOVERS is one of my favorite albums of all time because she mixes love, loss, poetry and electronic like a madwoman. Yes, go listen to that too, but her remixes are FIRE and her newest single Just Enough actually made me scream, especially when it gets deeep in Dead Flowers & Cigarettes.

Pls watch and read these:

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