M U S I C M A D N E S S: October

Thank you all for waiting so patiently for October's Music Madness!

October is always a hectic month for me with school, concerts and Voodoo Festival, I actually could never catch a break. Fortunately, I've finally made the time to sit down and create this beautiful array of tunes.

Lets jump right in...

In case you're new here, Music Madness is a monthly blog post that explores my current-time favorite artists, songs and newest releases. There is absolutely no order to this madness; hence the name. My goal is to educate you all about passionate artists and the amazing music they create. Not sure if its my ego or my intuition that is urging me to do this, but regardless, here I am and here you are.

P.S. I made a Spotify playlist of all of the songs I'm going to talk about + some of my favorite tunes by the artists I mention! You can listen to it here while you read :)




I had talked about CloZee's singe Evasion in last month's post, but alas, here I am again to express my love even more. This music is so calming yet emotional that it makes me tear up e v e r y t i m e. Even better, she does it purely with sounds and barely any words. If you aren't really into music without words, I urge you to fine tune your listening skills and give CloZee a go. This album as a whole is worth your time, but Rain Dance is my favorite by far.

I know you want to know more...

CloZee Dreams Big

Interview with EDM Identity



I discovered this song when I was having a late night youtube adventure watching every NPR Tiny Desk Concert I could find... I saw Erykah Badu's episode and I was suddenly a changed woman. Badu's voice is SO melodic and I feel so sophisticated when I listen to this song. WHAT A GOOD WOMAN, love her.

I dare you to click on all of these:

Tiny Desk Concert

Breakfast Club Power 101.5 FM Interview

An older article from Noisey, but it's a good one

◎ wasted time by goth babe from their album

wasted time/sunshine

I used to listen to this song all the time last year when I was DJ-ing for KLSU and it's suddenly found its way back into my monthly favorites. I can't help it, Goth Babe just brings out that angsty teen in me. I never really had a rebel phase, so I guess this is my way of embracing the rebel girl in me. Wasted Time is technically classified as Indie, but I really don't see that in this song; it's definitely an alt rock jam.

There's not much on these guys, but these are fun...

A sick live performance

An interview



I know this album isn't brand new, but lately I've just been in a Sunflower Bean mood and seeing them live at Voodoo Music + Art Experience only made it worse. The lead singer, Julia, was dressed up as Tonya Harding and she was wrecking the stage; truly a passionate artist. I wanna drive away in an old convertible at sunset while I'm listening to this song; it's now a life goal of mine.

Pls look at these cause this band is the sh*t

Interview with Billboard

The best video of a live performance I've ever seen

My favorite music video by Sunflower Bean



Tash garnered the biggest and most supportive fan base before she even released her first album. It will make sense why once you watch the content I linked below... The rawness in Tash's voice is incomparable and I promise you it's like nothing you've ever heard. I saw Tash live at Bonnaroo this past summer and it's honestly a struggle to write about it without hysterically crying. I could feel all of the purest energy coming from the stage, the crowd, myself and the music and I am convinced I will never experience anything else like it in my lifetime.


Street performance

Live bedroom recording

Tiny Desk Concert

About Flow State

An important interview about mental illness


There seems to be a lot of magic and passion this month... CharlesTheFirst is a heavenly artist in general, but The Reach EP is an entirely new level of angelic. This EP isn't new by any means, but that doesn't matter here. Kirra is electronic, wubby and extremely relaxing all at the same time; I truly don't understand how he does it. All I know is I've been dying to see him at Republic NOLA at the end of November and it's taking forever to get here...

Educate yo selves...

Almost everything you need to know

A video interview oooh

◎ NO PLACE from RÜFÜS DU SOL's newest album


AHHHH I love me some RÜfÜS DU SOL. I can't express to you how obsessed I've been with these guys this past month, it's like I can't stay alive without having a daily dose of Underwater hahaha. My top two favorites from Solace are Underwater and No Place, they both remind me of those older deep house vibes and I'm here for it. I really hope none of you ever have to witness my daily car dance parties.

Less about me, more about RÜfÜS DU SOL...

Triple j live performance

A classic AAA Backstage interview

◎ TEARDROPS the cover from GEOWULF

This song is a cover of the original Teardrops by Womack & Womack from the late 80s, but the lyrics are extremely familiar to me because they've been featured in so many remixes and Elton John also did a cover of this song in the 90s. Geowulf did this cover so heckin well, it's calm and sad at the same time. I love to listen to this when I'm getting ready in the morning to help me ease into the day's antics.

Get to know Geowulf a lil more, they're worth your time:

Diving into the Great Blue



latest release IC-01 Hanoi

I know ten minute long instrumental masterpieces aren't super popular among the youngins, but just hear me out. I've said it once and I will probably say it every month, but TEN MINUTE SONGS ARE VITAL. The length of this song allows for gentle build up, almost like taking a journey through sound. Of course I'm not going to recommend this song without telling you to listen to the whole instrumental album... go!

Let the mystery of this band engulf you:

Pitchfork interview

So Good At Being In Trouble live performance on KEXP


I wanted to end off this month's post with a super duper feel-good summer song. Mostly because I'm in denial about it becoming winter and also because we all need a song we can jam and belt to all at once. I discovered POND this summer at Bonnaroo and wow, what a good way to experience a band for the first time. Once you get to the chorus of the song you won't be able to help singing along.

Take it away...

Sweep Me Off My Feet - Music Video

A fun SxSW performance

Diggin' In The Crates with POND



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