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Living In A Social Media Paradise

Hello humans, I'm here to talk about social media.

I've been thinking about it a lot, almost too much and I feel as though its a conversation that needs to be had sooner than later. No matter how much you like to believe social media hasn't gotten to you, it has.

It is scientifically proven that each like, share, retweet, etc. releases those special endorphins we all love. So, we proceed on with our lives by favoring opportunities, vacations, coffee shops, clothes, photos, videos and so much more that will give us those likes we desire so badly. At what point will we stop and realize that everything we've been doing is for show? Its all been an act to prove to people we don't even really know or care about that our lives are great, fulfilling and worth something. (p.s. your life is worth something even if no one sees it or likes your pics)

I know we've all heard it before from our elders, our peers, our friends, but its ridiculous, truly, how much we depend on and feed off of social media.

I am aware that there are people who don't have social media at all, people that have it but don't use it (for real) and people who use social media genuinely and responsibly. Some of my friends are those people and some of my friends are not those people. I love them all equally, understand their choices either way and express the same love to any other person.

I'm just saying, maybe its time to really look into the reasons you're doing something... The reason you're at a show recording the entire thing on your Instagram story, the reason you're on a beautiful vacation worried about your next "photo shoot" for your instagram, the reason you're buying the latest trendy piece of clothing. It's ok to admit to yourself some parts of your life have been slightly geared toward this idea of thinking, I know parts of mine have.

I'm not saying social media is the devil and I'm not saying it's not helping people live their dreams or whatever I might be accused of saying. Ironically, the majority of my job is reliant on social media. In fact, it is the reason why I've noticed all of this in extremes lately. I believe social media can do great things and offer opportunities for people who want that, BUT I also know its ruining some of us. We need to be more aware of its effect on our social, mental and cultural state of being before we're all running around trying to please people with our over-exaggerated perfect lives. I find myself drained and uninspired at the end of the day when I've been scrolling down the endless source of social feeds, but when I'm in the moment not looking at a screen I'm the most inspired person to ever exist. I've experiences those moments of disbelief where I find myself submersed in a large group of people in which I'm the only one who isn't on a phone. I've been with my friends night after night where the most comforting thing among us is found on a black mirror. I'm exhausted and overworked mentally just because of social media and I hope I'm not alone. In the end we are all learning and growing through the new ways of our technological world and I guess I've hit my point of surrender on the social media part.

I love to write and I love to tell stories, so for now this is where I'll be. I want to make the most of sharing realistic stories, imperfect photos and honest opinions. I'm tired of wasting away my life on social media during my free time and I'm going to be honest, you should be too.

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