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BUKU 2018: The Best Sets

Ok so, if you attended BUKU Music + Art Project last weekend, you already know where I am going with this post... BUT, if you didn't and have no idea what "a BUKU is" don't fear, I am about to tell you everything you need to know!

Who when where why what is BUKU Music + Art Project?

BUKU is a music and art festival held in New Orleans, Louisiana every year in early March. That sentence is super bland and doesn't ever really get the point across, so let's dive a little deeper...

BUKU is mine and over 17 thousand other peoples designated festie home once a year, where we all get together (kind of like an eccentric family reunion) and dance our little bootays off. This festival is a place of acceptance, diversity, music, love and so so so so much more that; most words will just never do justice.

BUKU is a city festival that takes underground music, nourishes it, treasures it, and brings it right out onto the Mississippi river for all of us to experience. Although it started off small when it first took place in 2012, it has grown into a huge alternative underground party. BUKU features artists mostly from EDM, Rap, Alternative, and now Punk Rock genres, which really ties everything together in my humble opinion. Everyone gets to see a little bit of something they've never experienced before!

If that wasn't enough, heres BUKU's website.

Now that you've been educated, lets get on with the fun stuff...

Top 5 Performances

(In no particular order because I just can't wrap my brain around doing that.)


Bassnectar on Saturday night at the Power Plant Stage

I could say a million things about Lorin Ashton, but I will keep it short and sweet: This set was bonkers, it blew my mind. He played so many gems, Lost In The Crowd, Hallows by SFAM, Front To Back by Buku, Takeoff by Daladubz. I could go on and on but if you're curious about the set list and ID's, you can find them >here< You're welcome...

P.S. you can also peep some videos over on my instagram >here<


Rezz closing out BUKU in the Float Den

I'm not going to pretend this was my first time seeing her, but it might as well have been. This woman gets better than I can even imagine every single time I see her live. Rezz has a sound like no one else and she owns it with love and hard work, don't believe me? Just go peep >her twitter< I was a real flying octopus chugging water during her entire set in the Float Den... Speaking of that, let me tell you a little bit about the Float Den... Its like the ultimate stage of warehouse vibes, its full of metal poles, Mardi Gras Floats, and crazy fun people and its something everyone has to experience at least once in their lifetime. Rezz closed out BUKU Festival in the Float Den and Bassnectar basically opened up for her hahahaha, talk about female representation and empowerment am I right ladies? BUKU knows whats up with that...


Low quality pic of Virtual Self closing out the Float Den Friday Night

Can I just relive this set a million trillion times? Everyone who experienced it is saying this, but we're all so serious. I would educate you on Virtual Self, but honestly it is a whole lot to explain and I don't have the time, so just start by reading >this interview< Virtual Self is a work of art, I really experienced those early 2000s rave vibes right here in 2018 in the Float Den; my heart was on fire. Not much else I can say, it was just beautiful and I am blessed to get the chance to experience it again at Bonnaroo this summer.


I am kind of really upset that I don't have any proper pictures of this set to show you guys, but I will try my best to help you picture it better. CloZee is a french DJ with those nature/exotic sounds; you'll understand moreif you listen to my favorite song by her >here< She opened up BUKU day 1 in the Float Den, the sun was peeking through the big metal doorways and everyone was just dancing like no one was watching. The set was true bliss and relaxation, she brought us that ish. My first time seeing her was exactly what I had imagined and everything was perfect, I truly connected with the crowd as we danced along to every beat.


Ahhh wow. I never, in my life, thought I would get the chance to see this band and yet look what happened; all thanks to BUKU. I had heard a lot of negativity surrounding MGMT's live performances prior to last weekend, but I really can't complain about what I experienced. Their performance was among my favorites just because of the music and the atmosphere, but I would rather that than not have enjoyed it at all! MGMT played at the Power Plant stage during sunset on Friday evening and it was a BIG MOOD. Right before they started playing, all of my friends simultaneously gathered up around me and we danced around like gypsies the entire time. What a magical way to start off the night... >Congratulations< really did me in, I teared up a lil :')

Background on Bassnectar: I want to get a tad sentimental and emotional on here for a second, BUKU means the world to me, it is my favorite festival so far and its the first one that truly taught me what a music family is. The first year I attended in 2015, I saw Bassnectar for the first time and I was so excited because no one else I knew had even known who Bassnectar was at the time. I was so eager to make connections and experience a whole new world. Long story short, the night didn't go too well due to panic and a too-tightly packed crowd, for me the set was ruined as I watched feeling like an outsider from wayyyy in the back. Ever since that night it has been my goal to conquer the crowds and experience a full Bassnectar set up close and personal. This is exactly why Bassnectar's set this year was so special for me; I finally did it, the crowd embraced me and I truly felt the moment :)

Special thanks to everyone who made the weekend so special, I love all of you and I can't wait to embrace the BUKU years to come.