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Lil Dicky: LSU Athlete or Suburban Dad?

Last night LSU's PMAC was invaded by Lil Dicky worshippers, your typical LSU students, and the general public. Every year the lovely members of LSU Student Government put on a free music event called Groovin’ and of course, if you didn't know already, the special guests were DJ Cmix and "Professional Rapper" Lil Dicky.

I walked into the venue and was immediately hit in the chest with bass. DJ Cmix was blasting "P's & Q's" by Lil Uzi and the crowd was loving it. In the two hours that DJ Cmix was on stage, he brought on a couple of guest rappers, he played the most popular rap jams and most importantly, he got the crowd super hype before Lil Dicky.

DJ Cmix getting the energy up for Lil Dicky

Being an opener is challenging, its hard to get the crowd super into the music because most of them are probably only interested in the headliner, but I must say, DJ Cmix really kept the crowd engaged. You can't fake that kind of energy people, I think he gained many new fans, myself included.

LSU Students super excited to be at Groovin' 2018

Once DJ Cmix left the stage the intensity multiplied times 100, the crowd was giving off a mix of excitement and impatience. The front rows were chatting and looking beyond the sides of the stage for any sign of Lil Dicky's appearance, but the wait was only about 15 minutes and then the party had begun.

The beginning beats of "Professional Rapper" boomed through the speakers and the crowd went wild jumping up and down and yelling louder than the music itself. Lil Dicky had finally arrived and I think we can all agree the wait was well worth it. He ran across the stage making his debut in a classic LSU football jersey. Lil Dicky chuckled, "doesn't this jersey look perfect on me?"

Lil Dicky has a personality like no other rapper in the game right now; he's quirky and makes hilarious jokes on stage. He's kind of like your typical suburban dad or older brother who just cracks dry humor jokes all the time.

Brain on some other sh*t

Behold, it was finally time for Lil Dicky to sing "Pillow Talking", one of my favorites. You know, the one with the brain and the girl who doesn't believe in aliens? If you don't, you should watch the music video...

The entire crowd sang almost every lyric with Lil Dicky and he proudly let us take the lead every now and again. The performance of this song was one of those classic concert moments where you feel truly connected with everyone around you, although I must say it was definitely more humorous than sappy.

The show carried on and he played some of his most popular songs including his new single "Freaky Friday" while the crowd sang along with passion and humor. Before we knew it, the show was over and everyone headed back to their cars full of content and happiness. It was time to go home and prepare for the last day of class before spring break, but the show definitely made it more bearable and gave us the stress relief we all needed so badly.


On a personal note, it was the first show I had press access to, so I felt pretty spectacular doing my ish, taking in the event and its participants, snapping pictures and posting on social media. It was a phenomenal experience and I'm glad I was able to participate thanks to my favorites at KLSU.

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