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M U S I C M A D N E S S: Rock Is NOT Dead

For me, this year has been bursting with psychedelic, alternative and progressive rock more than any other genres of music that have surfaced on my playlists. I've noticed the conversation of rock's death coming up a lot recently as my parents bring up the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters and my grandparents bring up the Rolling Stones and Van Halen, all of them questioning if music will ever be as good as it was in their day. Well... as I dive deeper and deeper into this beautiful void, I've come to the conclusion that rock is not dead and that it is in fact very much alive. It just takes a little digging to get to the good stuff or any rock stuff at all.

Unlike the past eras of popular music, such as 80's rock or 90's alternative, this decade's top charts and mainstream radio have been oversaturated with electronic and rap music. Trust me when I say this is not a bad thing, (I am of course an electronic and rap girl through and through) but I must point out, rock is slowly creeping into the dark corner of our Spotify accounts because of the lack of exposure. I'm almost certain most people who claim that "rock is dead" might take it back if they listened to some of my favorite rock artists of todays culture.

In spite of all this death of rock talk I just threw at you, lets dive into some of my favorite rock artists of this decade and try to bring back some buzz around to the magical darkness within the genre of rock:

In case you're new here, Music Madness is a monthly blog post that explores my current-time favorite artists, songs and newest releases. There is absolutely no order to this madness; hence the name. My goal is to educate you all about passionate artists and the amazing music they create. Not sure if its my ego or my intuition that is urging me to do this, but regardless, here I am and here you are.


For the ultimate rock experience, listen (loudly) to this playlist while you read: Rock is NOT dead

◎ psychedelic porn crumpets◎

A few months ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to see these guys live at Gasa Gasa, the smallest lil hipster venue in town, where the acoustics were echoing and bouncing around creating a magnificent ear numbing feeling haha. It was true fate how I discovered this band exactly a month before they played in my city. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets is made up of four sweet dudes from outside of Perth, AU. The band formed by hosting hour-long jam sessions in one of the band members barn. Pretty "rock" if u ask me... My absolute favorite works of art from the band are its High Visceral Albums; seriously, nothing beats these.

About the bands making of High Visceral Part 1

A sick ass live video of a song from their latest album

◎ Moon duo◎

Although more laid back compared to Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Moon Duo can get down into some funky rock spirals. This duo project of Sanae Yamada and Erik Johnson of Wooden Shjips, a legendary psychedelic jam band from San Francisco, is taking all of us on a progressive journey through rock psychedelia. Say what you want, but I believe the revival of rock lies in heart of psychedelia. The guitar riffs in their oldest and newest work combined prove that those good classic rock moments still exist. Occult Architecture Vol. 1 happens to be one of my favorites from Moon Duo and should help you to ease into spooky season perfectly...

There are few things I love more than live KEXP performances so

If you ever wanted to know what its like to be in two bands read this

◎ The raconteurs◎

I really really shouldn't have to tell y'all about this band, but basically heres a short summary: The Raconteurs debut happened right at the closing of Jack White's first band, The White Stripes. Jack white, Brendan Benson and two members of the Greenhornes made up the now legendary band, The Raconteurs. After an almost 10 year hiatus, the band released their latest album, Help Us Stranger, and brought back some true nostalgia for us Jack White fans. We're getting into more garage and classic rock territory with this band, but I'm all about variety here. I like to give credit to Jack White for introducing me to what the 2000's had to offer for true classic rock and am thankful every day that he's still out there doing big things with some amazing people.

Jack White talks about The Raconteurs new album and tour

More interview content with some sick live performance videos

◎ jesse jo stark◎

I just wanted to throw some spotlight on this woman who is making BIG moves for the rock genre. Jesse Jo Stark picked up a guitar at age 11 and has taken the music scene by storm first with her single, Driftwood then with her top hit, Fire of Love. We have yet to see a full album from her and all that does is fuel my excitement for whats to come. This woman's instagram page is to DIE for. I do believe creating an on-stage persona is just as important as the music being created and Jesse Jo Stark has done phenomenally. One last thing, ROT AWAY holy hell. Amazing content.

Actual rock goddess-made music video

Silver Kiss - rock with a country twang

◎ all them witches◎

OK LET ME RAVE ABOUT THIS BAND: These guys have been around for a while... the band was born in 2012 and they've been recording and touring ever since. I like to believe their bluesy sound comes from their Tennessean roots and you guessed it, these guys are Bonnaroo natives. Lets talk about this band's steamy music. My personal favorite album is Dying Surfer Meets His Maker. They go HARD with the guitar on this album, but its also got a country, folk sound in there too; it's everything you could ever want in a rock album. For a while in the spring, I had Am I Going Up? on repeat until I finally decided to dive in to the whole album, Sleeping Through The War, which led to my obsession with this band and the rock bands of this time in general. Just watch the KEXP performance below and you'll understand...

"Nothing will be the same moment to moment, so we don’t try to intentionally change, we just change and trust the process, essentially. Roll with the punches, keep touring, stay honest."

Spontaneity is key for these guys - I love it

warning: hot music and very talented band (another KEXP live performance)

◎ the claypool lennon delirium◎

If you didn't know, this band is made up of Sean Ono Lennon and Les Claypool - two very influential artists with a lot of music history trailing behind their every move. Of course, as I'm sure literally every article that talks about these guys has said, Lennon's voice really mirrors his fathers. The combination of these cool dude's styles and sounds really takes you south of reality (hehe I'm great at puns). More importantly, they released their very anticipated second album, South Of Reality, this year and I've had it on shuffle ever since it arrived into our psychedelic worlds. Some of my favorites from the album include: Little Fishes, Amethyst Realm and South Of Reality (more spooky vibes hehe).

An all around great video full of info and live performance beauty

◎ somali yacht club ◎

Let me start by saying that almost every song this band has recorded is over 6 minutes and if you've been keeping up with my blog posts, you know how much I LOVE long songs. There's just so much room in a 10 minute song for change, evolution and build up. Somali Yacht Club falls right into the category of Stoner Rock. For all you newbs, according to Wikipedia, "Stoner Rock is a rock music fusion genre that combines elements of heavy metal and/or doom metal with psychedelic rock and acid rock." Which is right tf up my alley (we'll save my obsession with heavy metal and hardcore rock for another day lol). Although this band is relatively new to me, I have already fallen head over heels for their sound and darkness - lets learn more together:

The only interview I could find - theres barely anything anywhere about these guys

A beautiful live performance

◎ king gizzard & the lizard wizard ◎

You know quite honestly I got this far down my list and realized I forgot to add some good ol King Gizz. My friends and I had been all in the mind fuzz of King Gizz all summer whilst anticipating their live show at Joy Theater that happened last week and man... we're all still in the fuzz. After having a few conversations about all