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       Inspired by the creatures of the Louisiana swamp, Swamp Sprouts is a project that draws from mystical psychedelia and functions with sustainability at the forefront. Artist & founder Tristen Rolling wished to build a platform to highlight the voice of nature and uplift social & environmental causes. Therefore, all her original works are created in homage to nature, utilizing acrylic painting, woodworking, and digital illustration. Locally sourced, all wood comes from fallen or rotted trees, and 1% of all sales go toward United Plant Savers. By transforming dead trees into works of art, Swamp Sprouts introduces sustainable alternatives to mainstream chains and attracts people who are passionate about nature & the planet.

     Swamp Sprouts grew into a large online community  within just two years, but what makes the project so successful is its symbiotic relationship with other small businesses. Displaying Swamp Sprouts in-store throughout Louisiana exposes the community to local art. In return, shops gain exposure to the niche, engaged Swamp Sprouts community. Swamp Sprouts aims to function as fungi do, evolving death into new life and building networks of connection.

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