How It All Began


I wasn't always a psychedelic mushroom artist, but I have been painting with acrylic since before I can remember. Regardless, I never thought I would master anything well enough to share it with the world. Due to COVID, I found myself jobless & quarantined and turned to paint for pure enjoyment after years without painting at all. Ta-da! Swamp Sprouts was born. This journey has been painful, beautiful, and refreshing for me. These shrooms are my babies and they symbolize my rebirth from the decay of a life that no longer served me. 

ALL of the wood used for my pieces is sourced in Louisiana, hand-cut, and sanded by my grandfather and me. My mushroom art functions in the same way natural fungi do; evolving death into life on so many levels. 

Inspired by the swamp and all its moist glory. My little mushies are cute, quirky, and full of personality. These pieces are guaranteed to spice up any room with a natural & quirky flare.